Piling / Yard Operative & Welder

  • Permanent
  • North East, Grimsby
  • £30,000 to £35,000 + Company Benefits

Summary Information

Job ID: 353

Salary: £30,000 to £35,000 + Company Benefits 

Contract type: Permanent

Location: North East, Grimsby

Job Description

Our Client are looking to increase our workforce following the successful award of several high-profile schemes securing works for the next 12-18months.  They are looking for a Piling / Yard Operative & Welder at their depot in Grimsby

All Employees have:

  • A statutory Duty to take reasonable care to safeguard their own health and safety and that of others who may be affected by their acts and omissions.
  • A statutory duty not to intentionally misuse or interfere with anything provided in the interests of health, safety, or welfare
  • A statutory duty to comply with all regulations which affect their work and to report to the appropriate person any defective plant or equipment, any hazardous situations, incidents, accidents or near misses.
  • A responsibility to be aware of, and adhere to, any additional safety guidance issued by the company
  • Set a personal example and apply high personal standards of application and discipline in ‘safety’

 The Piling / Yard Operatives and Welders shall be responsible for carrying out the following ‘typical’ work activities during the day to day duties of each contract: 

  • Actively promote that all work is carried out to the required standard with minimum risk to men, equipment, and materials. 
  • Be familiar with the current regulations and codes of practice applicable to the work on which the team is engaged and insist that these requirements are met. 
  • Take instructions from foreman/supervisors, see that they are obeyed and carried out in a safe and efficient manner 
  • Ensuring the works are carried out in accordance with approved Method statement and Risk assessments and refrain from taking unnecessary risks 
  • Check that all plant and piling equipment, including power and hand tools, are maintained in good condition and that person (s) using them are adequately trained. 
  • Ensure that any new employees, apprentices and other young person’s work in a safe manner and act upon instructions. 
  • Conduct themselves in a safe and professional manner 
  • Set an example by high personal standards and discipline in safety 
  • Check that all plant and equipment, including power and hand tools, are maintained in good condition and that person (s) using them are adequately trained. Report any defects to site foreman or Plant Manager/Fitter. 
  • When required, or delegated, full and detailed ‘Daily Reports’ and ‘Piling Records’ are produced together with ‘Record Sheet Agreements’ 
  • SPUK branded PPE is worn together with any other PPE deemed necessary through site specific Risk assessments. 
  • Company standard or site specific working hours are maintained on-site. 


  • Construction
  • £30,000 to £35,000 + Company Benefits
  • North East, Grimsby

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  • Phone: 01543 224424
  • Email: info@employveterans.co.uk

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