Bank Worker

  • Contract
  • South East, London
  • £99.63 per Day + £13 Oysters Card a Day

Summary Information

Job ID: 253

Salary: £99.63 per Day + £13 Oysters Card a Day 

Contract type: Contract

Location: South East, London

Job Description

We have joined up with The KeyHolding Company who are a London based business to employ veterans as Bank Workers.  The KeyHolding Company are the UK’s number 1 keyholding and alarm response specialist, disrupting the industry with creative thinking and bespoke technology.
You will start from your home location and travel to designated addresses each day.  The addresses will vary from day to day and the details of which will be provided to you the day before via our Android Application. A good understanding of London will be beneficial but not essential.
Travel - We recommend you use public transport to reach your locations and the daily Oyster rate will be added to your shift pay. You can use other forms of transport but the daily travel rate will remain the same.
You will be required to travel to the allocated destinations and complete the tasks listed on each Job via our mobile application. The jobs can be performed at anytime between the hours of 08:00 and 20:00. The quality of details/notes  added to the jobs is vital for the success of this role so competent use of a smart Phone is essential. Successful candidates will also need to be aware that will be tracked when using our Mobile Application. Identification and high-vis vest
Successful candidates will need to be physically fit as the role will require walking and using stairs on occasions, be an effective communicator and have a good level of the English language. A smart appearance is also required as the role will involve interaction with the public. Identification cards and a branded High-Vis Vest will be provided to assist when performing your duties.
Knowledge and skills required: 
Knowledge: (job related / professional)
5-year checkable work history or continuous education history
IT literate with excellent computer skills
Skills: (technical / managerial)
Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
Excellent Communication skills 
Physically fit
The Keyholding Company’s Values and Behaviours:
We care about doing a good job
Dedication: we exceed customer expectations
Responsibility: we take pride in and ownership of our work
Credibility: we do what we say we are going to do
We believe in open and honest communications
Confident: we have the confidence to express our opinions
Open Minded: we openly share our ideas and views while listening and welcoming feedback
Honesty: we are straight talking and trustworthy
We encourage collaborative working with partners, clients and each other 
Partnership: we partner with others to share work, ideas and thoughts
Coaching and Mentoring: we support each other and share knowledge
Teamwork: we work together to achieve our goals
We constantly strive to improve, via our people, processes and technology
Initiative: we look for opportunities to improve and act
Self-Development: we are motivated to develop our knowledge and skills
Adaptability: we embrace change and are flexible


  • Security
  • £99.63 per Day + £13 Oysters Card a Day
  • South East, London

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  • Phone: 01543 224424
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